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Best High Security Locks

High security door locks

Security is perhaps the basic food for the peace of your mind. For most of the people security is top priority while choosing door locks. These locks can be categorized according to your requirements. For example, whether you require fancy locks, deadbolts, knob locks, etc. Each type of lock requires a different type of mechanism for it to function. There are many companies that provide with good quality locks however only few are trustworthy. These brands will provide you with durable quality lock that provide you with the security you need.
These are widely available highly secured locks that acquire almost 60% of US high security market. They provide with quality locks. It is a strong solid lock which offers more protection over a standard lock that people trust. It is heavy as it uses more quality of metal in making than locks of other brands that provide far better security solutions. These locks are hard to break thus reducing risks of breaking-in by a great scale.


Mul T lock makes high-durable locks that are well-renowned in the world for their diversity. . There locks have become very famous for different industries like educational and traffic control institutes. This is one of the few and a very trusted brand by people. These locks are convenient to use from high security to simple yet strong locks , that can be replaced whenever you want at your ease. The wide range of product line this brand offers provides protection to the customer they require.


Abloy are famous for creating the hardest to crack locks in the world. Abloy has evolved since 1907 when it came to being and has introduced several lines of locks. Even Abloy’s oldest generation locks are extremely hard locks to break that is why this brand has a high security lock reputation. The locks are made up of hardened steel and thick anti-drill plates. With the unique disk design to these locks, it does not allow penetration of a drill thus making it drill resistant. This feature make Abloy locks the one of its kind worldwide as one of the best high security lines. Abloy’s also introduced detainer locks that are self-cleaning. Any dirt or grime that enters the lock can easily come out. Hence making the locks unique because of its environmental reliability. They can withstand harsh weather conditions of strong wind , dust , and rain for a longer period of time. These locks are durable and secure for your universities, libraries and schools. Each lock comes with its own features, for example, door lock control system, key systems and locking hardware system. You can choose locks that match your needs.


Schlage Everest Primus
This brand offers a range of heavy-duty locks that serve you with high security needs. Keypad locking system, with key and keyless entry system are few of the several lock systems in Schlage product line. The locks features specially designed tumbler locks with an additional secondary locking system. This secondary system can help lifting and rotating of additional keys. These locks are high in durability and are convenient to meet the installations. These locks are widely used in business offices and shops.


BiLock NG is a top brand based on its functionality that is known worldwide for their high security locks. It provides you with a high security lock system and other hardware facilities for your door operation. This brand offers a unique feature Quick Change Core (QCC) system that is almost found in all of their products. The locks with QCC system are available in many formats including deadbolts, levers and cam locks. QCC system uses a unique control key which allows the core of the lock to be pulled out hence, the lock can be rekeyed to a new core within seconds. These locks come with a control key and an operator key by default. This system makes the locks extremely persistent and bump proof. These locks are fairly used in many commercial and public facilities.

Protection and security of you and your family should be a top-most priority of everyone. Therefore, you should not install the locks without proper research. Make sure you have the right lock for your house or office!

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