Naples Car Key Replacement

Loosing your car keys or having a faulty key can be a very big inconvenience. We at Naples Locksmith Lion provide efficient,  24-hours car key emergency services that you can rely on. We are dedicated to provide the highest quality of service. Our technicians go through new training every 6 to a 12 months so that they stay up to date with latest models and technology. At locksmith lion we also provide full guarantee for our work. Whenever your car key develops a fault, it is an emergency. You ask why? any damage to our car key can cause more damage, from our car door to more serious cases like our ignition or car computer. Most times, any car key related problem is a job for a professional.

Why Choose Us?

At locksmith lion all of our technician are certified and their work is insured. In this profession we know that 90% of the cases are emergencies, and it is not something we take lightly. An emergency requires quick attention and you can trust us to reach wherever you are within half an hour of your phone call. Assessing the situation on the phone, we will send out to you a professional and licensed locksmith technician that will properly assess and diagnose your car key issue and offer a solution that will get you out of harm’s way in no time. In cases where the key is lost and there is no spare, locksmith service will be more efficient because it is mobile and you won’t have to also two your car to your local dealership. At Locksmith Lion we also provide other car locksmith services.

Car Key Replacement Naples FL

Whether the car key is lost, damagCar key cutting machine Naples FLed or you just in need of a spare one, we at locksmith lion are here to help. We have a special team dedicated only to car keys. Our professional technician are equipped with latest technics and technology, trained to tackle almost every car key model out there and holds them on stock.

Lost / Stolen Key

Loosing a car key can be very upsetting. First, we can never be sure if we left it somewhere by accident or if someone took it. When we cut a new car key our technician can always erase access for the lost key just for peace of mind. Of course if the entire key chain was stolen we can also assist by rekeying you home or office locks. For more information see our post.

The process of cutting a new car key can take some time. First, the technician will trace the vehicle’s VIN number in order to cut a matching key, then he will program it to the car’s computer. At the end of the process he will always make sure that your digital FOB is programmed correctly to the new keys to enhance your security in the future.


Spare Car Key

At locksmith lion we also provide car key programming in Naples FL - Naples Locksmith Lion-minspare car ket cutting services. It is a different case when only a spare key is needed. That way the technician will be able to relay on the original key. This also makes it much cheaper because the technician won’t need a code from the manufacturer in order to cut the key.

Key extraction

Having your car key stuck in the ignition is a very inconvenience, common problem. We are always on our way to an important meeting, or to pick up the kids from school than this unexpected problem occurs. First you need to do is not panic. It is annoying, but it happens. Most car keys are made from soft metal and since we use them daily they can easily wear out, especially because we tend to use them as can opener and much more. But in all means, this is a case in which with all the understandable frustration, you have to be very gentle. Any use of force or the wrong tools can cause a much bigger damage that will cost more time and money to fix. Let us help! Call us 24/7 at 239-849-4979.If you are still interested in extracting the key yourself, see our post about Reasons & Solutions to when your car key is stuck in the ignition.

24/7 Mobile Locksmith Service

The best part is that we operate mobile 24/7. That means no matter what the case is or what time of day it is, we will arrive at your location anywhere in the SWFL area. Instead of having to tow your car all the way to the dealership in order to get a new car key you could save those couple hundreds of bucks.

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Locksmith Lion Naples FL service is the trusted choice of car key services in Naples FL. Call us 24/7 at 239-849-4979 . We provide a wide  service area throughout SW Florida. We are available to reach you ‪24/7‬ no matter where you are in the SW-FL region. Our services are affordable and guaranteed by our unbeatable prices. We have been a trusted Naples locksmith service since 1996 and have a proud track record that speaks for us ever since. Call (239) 849 – 4979 or send  us an email to for enquiries.


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Naples Car Key Replace, Lost your car keys or having a faulty key can be a very big inconvenience. We at Naples Locksmith Lion provide efficient,  24-hr services