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Getting locked out of your vehicle, even once,  is too much to ask for. The worst part is that it always happens at the worst time. You could be on your way home from a long day at work, done with a late-night movie or have your hands full of groceries. Most times this situation occurs when we forget the car keys inside the car or the trunk, other times you simply cannot find them. Don’t panic, we at Locksmith Lion will help you regain access to your car and have you back on the road in no time.


Why Choose Locksmith Lion?

At locksmith lion all of our technician are certified and their work is insured. In this profession we know that 90% of the cases are emergencies, and it is not something we take lightly. A car can get accidentally locked while still running, a child can be locked in a car and other stressful situations. At locksmith lion we take all that under consideration and provide the fastest, highest quality service in the SWFL area. 

Key Locked Inside The Car/Trunk

Our professional technicians at Locksmith Lion go through new training every year to stay up to date with the newest, safest methods in order to provide the best service for our customers, and in case regaining accesses to the locked vehicle in the fastest, safest way possible. See our post about the subject to learn more about the specific methods we use at locksmith lion in order to unlock a car.

Lost Key

At Locksmith Lion we have a special team dedicated only to car keys. Our professional technician are equipped with latest technics and technology, trained to tackle almost every car key model out there and holds them on stock. The process of cutting a new car key can take some time. First, the technician will trace the vehicle’s VIN number in order to cut a matching key, then he will program it to the car’s computer. At the end of the process he will always make sure that your digital FOB is programmed correctly to the new keys to enhance your security in the future. It is a different case and a match easier job if the key is not lost and only a spare key is needed. That way the technician will be able to relay on the original key. 

But the best part is that we operate mobile 24/7. That means no matter what the case is or what time of day it is, we will arrive at your location anywhere in the SW FL area. Instead of having to tow your car all the way to the dealership in order to get a new car key you could save those couple hundreds of bucks and call us
one of our car locksmith will be at you service.

Faulty Car Door Lock

In other cases the cause for the car lockout may not even be the key. Car door locks might get faulty with time. It cam be caused by rust, some kind of obstruction or just simple wear and tear. 

Can I Unlock The Car By Myself?

Trying to unlock your car by yourself is risky for many reasons; most common is causing damage to the car door or even break the window when trying to unlock a car without knowledge and experience, another is having a walk-by or worse, a police officer think you are a thief, especially in an unfamiliar area. Another unpleasant situation will be setting off the car security alarm. Don’t put yourself at risk or cause more damage to your car door/lock mechanism. You can contact us 24/7 and we will be anywhere in the SWFL area asap to assist. 


Whether you lost your key, locked it accidentally inside the car or any other situation that requires a professional help , trust Locksmith Lion Naples FL . Our technicians have years of experience at solving car lockout problems in Naples FL. Our response time is rated the quickest in the Naples area.  
For lost keys, key extraction from ignition and many other car lockout related issues, call us 24/7 at ‪(239) 849-4979 or send us an email to locksmithlion@gmail.com


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