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‏Top 5 Reasons to Consider Changing Locks

‏Top 5 Reasons to Consider Changing Locks

‏Door and window locks in your home are not supposed to be changed until they break. Actually, there are a lot of reasons why you should think about replacing the locks in your home. Trust me, it is something that you definitely should look into for the coming year. Are you already considering changing your locks or need some help convincing you? You should call a reputable locksmith in Naples Florida to help you with a home security assessment so that you can have the right information to help you decide.
‏Here are some reasons that you should think about changing your locks at home


‏1. Moving into a new house


‏One thing you should consider when you move into a new house is that you don’t know how many copies of the keys the last occupant made and more importantly, who has them out there. This can greatly compromise your

Lock Change - Naples Locksmith Lion
lock change – Naples Locksmith Lion

personal security because you don’t also know who may have lived in the house before you moved in.

‏We always recommend that you change all the locks when you move to a new house. A cheaper and equally effective alternative is to rekey the locks instead of changing the locks entirely. Rekeying will replace the keys and render anything previously used irrelevant and useless to the person with it. You can speak to Naples Locksmith Lion to help you with changing your locks or re-keying your locks and save money while increasing your home security.


‏2. Missing keys


‏Keys get lost all the time and after a while, you may find that you have lost keys to important rooms in your house. Secondly, you may find that you no longer have spare keys for critical doors in your house and this is another good reason why you should consider changing your locks. Any locksmith will recommend that you should change your lock if you are missing spares for more than 4 locks in your home because you can get a better deal this way.
‏Missing keys can also fall into the wrong hands especially when you use a key ring that contains personal information that can allow a stranger to find your house. Missing keys are a security risk and you are better off erring on the side of caution by simply changing the locks to your house.


‏3. Malfunctioning or old locks


‏It can be annoying when your locks are becoming difficult to open. A worn- out lock would need more effort to open, leading to irritating delays. An old or worn out lock is also less sturdy and can easily be broken into compared to a new lock. You have the option of calling a locksmith in Naples Florida to help you maintain and service old locks but this is just a temporary solution which could end up costing you more money than simply replacing the lock entirely.
‏Old locks also increase the risk of you being locked out of your house in the event the keys broke inside the lock or get stuck. This can waste your time and restrict your access to the house in times or emergency either getting in or going out. As the technology of locks get outdated, you should just replace your locks and increase your home security.


‏4. Simplify your life


‏Today’s locks have become so versatile and advanced that there are smart locks that can even be unlocked remotely. Isn’t this fun and nice to know? It is always a great idea to change locks to something more convenient for you. There are many options in the market right now and for larger houses, you can find a lock set that would allow you to open most doors with either the same key or a digital key. Having one key to open most or all of your doors is a wonderful way to make your life so much easier.
‏There is also a lot of keyless entry and Bluetooth lock options that can allow you to access your house using your smartphone, biometrics (fingerprint or face scan) or other more effective modern ways. These new locks can also keep records of who entered or left your house, giving more control over access. Some are even equipped with video and audio capacity to take snapshots of passers. They can also alert you when the door is unlocked so you never have to worry about it and lock your doors remotely instead of running back home.


‏5. Increasing your safety of family and property


‏This is a no-brainer at the end of the day. You simply want to give yourself the best possible protection against burglars and other unauthorized intruders to your home. Old locks, outdated locks and faulty locks can cost you a lot of money and even personal injury because they are unable to keep burglars out. You also want to be able to travel and feel like your house is safe instead of panicking.
‏Speak to a home security expert today at Naples Locksmith Lion today to get a free home consultation which will allow us to advise you properly on how best to improve your home security. Don’t wait for your home to be broken into before considering changing your locks at home or at the office. A good locksmith in Naples Florida will not waste your time and can have a security assessment for you within a day or two.
‏There is no price that is too high to pay for the security of your home, family and personal belongings. Consider making security changes to your home and start with the locks. Naples Locksmith Lion is there to help you every step of the way to keep your home intruder free at all times. With many years of experience, you are in the right hands to help you with improving your home security.

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  1. I find it helpful that you suggested about having one’s locks replaced after moving into a new home in order to increase one’s personal security. Learning about this convinced me to hire a local locksmith to have it done for my sister’s house this weekend. Doing this will help protect her art collection and her child’s grand piano from possible thieves.

  2. My house is really old. Thanks for mentioning that old locks should be replaced. I’ll have to look more into residential lock repair.

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