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Deadbolt vs. Doorknob

When it comes to choosing the type of lock that is best for your home, select a lock that would keep your family and belongings safe. For you to make your decision on which lock type to purchase, you need first to understand the types of locks, how they work, and the advantages related to using the lock.  

Having the right lock type on your door could be what would determine if your home suffers a break-in. In this article, you would know the differences between using a deadbolt and a doorknob. Some houses use both lock type for additional security measure. If you are looking to replace your front door lock and not sure on which lock type is more secured, comparing these lock type would help you make your decision. 

Deadbolt Lock

A deadbolt lock is a form of lock that has a sliding latch on top or at the bottom of the doorknob; the deadbolt is different from the knob itself, but some people use both the deadbolt and the doorknob. The deadbolt, made from sturdy steel, and it slides in and out to open up with a flick of the latch that’s on the inside of the door. The deadbolt allows owners to lock the door both from inside and from outside – providing extra protection. The deadbolt was designed to provide utmost security; once it latches on the inside, It keeps people out and is an excellent choice for protecting yourself and your loved ones from burglars. 

The advantage of the deadbolt is still what serves as the disadvantage. Once a deadbolt locks from the inside, it’s tough to open from the outside without a key. If you forgot or misplaced your deadbolt key, you might have to call a locksmith to help you get into your home. 

Doorknob Secure Lock

Doorknob locks are the typical locks on bedrooms or bathroom doors. When you are at the other side of the door, you twist the knob of this lock type to keep it from opening to anyone outside. The doorknob lock also has a version with a tiny latch that allows you to twist to keep the knob from moving. The secure doorknob lock offers privacy and keeps unwanted guest out; to open the door, the person on the inside twist the latch in the opposite lock direction or just by spinning the knob. 

The advantage of this kind of lock is that it’s easy to lock and unlock when you are on the inside and easy to break open with a solid hit or with a sharp tool. The knob type is excellent for indoor use but can’t protect much when used for external purposes; it’s easy to pick, and it gives way quickly when force is applied. 

The locks stated above are useful but in various areas – consider safety when making your choice. 

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