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Door Lock Buying Guide

Your door is an essential feature of your home as it helps to protect you from dangers and burglar attempt. Your door is the barrier that keeps your valuables within your home and keeps you and your family safe. Doors also serve as entry points into the house and other sections within the house. 

Buying a fancy door adds style to your home; complementing the door with a perfect lock ensures safety. When it comes to security within the home, do not compromise. Before you decide to buy a lock, it’s essential you understand the types of locks and their features; it would serve as a guide in making your decision. 

Door Lever Locks

It is a type of lock that is quite convenient to open, especially when you have your hands filled with stuff. The lock comes in a two-piece configuration that has thumb turn deadbolt up and a lever door handle at the bottom. 


The doorknob lock is the most common and cheapest entry door lock; it comes in different styles and finishes. The doorknob lock when paired with a deadbolt as a two-piece configuration lock, serves well in securing your home. It’s an affordable option for locking your door.

Electronic Deadbolt Lock

The electric door lock is one used in this generation; it’s smart, convenient, and does the job of protecting better than some other lock type. Most electronic locks do not require keys for unlocking; they come with either an analog number pad that has buttons where you can input your pin or a touchscreen for the same purpose. Some electronic locks can also be opened via smartphone apps; most of these locks come with key as an extra security measure. 

Door Latch

A door latch is a secondary lock that holds the door in place by attaching the door to the frame with the use of a long chain. The chain is usually in two pieces with one end installed on the face of the door, and the other end placed on the door frame. The latch cannot be picked, and it tethers the door to the structure effectively. 


The deadbolt lock doesn’t come in fancy appearances, but they do the job of securing your home. The deadbolt could be a high-end drill-proof model or inexpensive designs you could pick up from your local store. The deadbolt lock has a single cylinder lock, and it’s often re-keyable. 

When it comes to door locks, security should be paramount before looks and appearances.


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