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how to pick a lock

How to pick a lock

Lock Basic Structure:

In order to pick a lock one have to first understand the structure of a lock: A lock is a fastening device that is released by a physical object (such as a key, keycard, fingerprint, remote control etc.) The Pin tumbler lock, which is the most common in homes throughout the united states, uses a line of pins to prevent the lock from opening unless the correct key is inserted. The key has a series of grooves on both sides of the key’s blade that determine the type of lock the key can easily fit into.  When we slide the key into the lock, the horizontal grooves on the blade align with the pins in the keyway allowing or denying entry to the lock cylinder. A series of pointed ends and picks on the blade, called bittings, allow the pins to move around until they are align with the inner and outer cylinder, allowing the cylinder to rotate easily and unlocking the door.

So what does lock picking actually means?

lock picking is a non-destructive way to open a lock without using the original key. As explained previously in order to pick a lock we will have to mimic the actions of a key, and that is why it was important to learn about it first.Another important thing to know is that due to manufacturing errors, in some locks the pins are set at a different distance from the centerline of the cylinder. The pin furthest away from the centerline will also be the first pin to bind if the cylinder is rotated without the key. This pin is called the binding pin.
how to pick a lock

Lock picking tools:

In order to mimic the key we will have to use a tool that will allow us to move the pins inside the lock’, up and down, like a key would, and eventually allowing the cylinder to rotate and opening the door. The Proper tools are lock picks, but they are expensive and you want to avoid ordering cheap ones on the internet because they tend to bend and break and even damage the lock (you can find a decent lock picks set for about 100$ if you are willing to invest).  That is the main reason we mostly recommend calling for a professional locksmith who has the proper tools and the experience if you are locked out at this moment or if it is an emergency, An experienced technician can be on site in 25 minutes. Back to our business, there are a few other more amateur options when it comes to tools, You can use a paper clip or a bobby pin all versions of a tension wrench that will allow us to push the binding pin up and by that allowing the cylinder to begin rotating, we have to make sure to keep the right amount of tension so the pins we are trying to align won’t just pop back to their place preventing us from rotating the cylinder and unlocking the door. The amount of tension we use is the main factor in successfully picking a lock. If we use too much pressure the pins will bind below the centerline, If we don’t use enough tension the pins will simply fall back into their place. Achieving this sense for the tension wrench is the primary skill involved in lock picking.

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