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How to program Toyota remote

Today’s age is all about convenience. Cars are becoming more user-friendly so much so now you don’t even need your keys to open or start your car. Toyota is also trying to revamp their cars by incorporating user centric models. 

There are two ways of programming your Toyota remote, each process depends on the make/year/model of one’s car. Stated below is the newer and the most used procedure:

1. Make sure that the key is out of ignition, the driver’s door is ajar and unlocked and the remaining doorsclosed. 
2. Put the key inside the ignition spot without igniting the car take it out, do this twice (insert/take out insert/take out)
3. Now close and open the driver’s door twice, with the result being OPEN
4. Now again, you must insert the key in the ignition then take it out (ONLY ONCE)
5. Now repeat step 3 and close and open the driver’s door twice, ending in the door being open
6. Now put the key in ignition spot without turning it on leave it there
7. With the key inside the ignition, close the door
8. Turn the key to the on position then back to the off position
9. Now take the key out 
10. The car’s door locks should be in programming mode, ready to be programmed to the new remote.

If the door locks do not cycle you need to start thestated procedure again. If the car does not accept the procedure again then you might want to try the other procedure listed below. 

If this procedure worked and your car has entered programming mode, then you need to press the lock and unlock buttons at the same time on the remote for about 2 seconds. Then release and only press down on the lock button. If the locks cycle once then they have accepted the remotes if they cycle two times, then they have not accepted the remote. 

If your remote has been accepted, remove your key from ignition and test the remotes. If not, you can open the car door and exit from programming mode. 


The second method to program Toyota remote:

1. Key must not be in ignition
2. The driver door must be open and unlocked and the rest of the doors must be closed 
3. Insert the key in ignition once and then pull it out
4. Now using the power lock switch, lock and unlock the car five times, resulting in lock
5. Close and then open the driver’s door ONLY ONCE
6. With the power lock switch again lock and unlock the car five times, resulting in unlock.
7. Put the key in ignition and turn it ON and then OFF two times
8. When you take the key out of ignition, the door locks should cycle indicating that the car is in programming mode. If the locks don’t cycle, then you must begin at step 1. Now press the unlock and lock button simultaneously for 2 seconds then stop and only press the lock button for one second. If the locks cycle once then it means that the car has accepted the remote if they cycle more than once then the remote has been rejected by the car. Exit the programming mode by CLOSING the car door and then texting the remotes. 
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