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Is Naples FL Safe?

Are you considering moving to or visiting Naples, Florida? Read this article to learn more about its safety rating.

Florida has slightly more violent crimes than other U.S. states, ranking 37th out of 50 on this measure. A report from March 2019 ranked Naples as the fourth safest city in Florida, with 23 violent crimes and less than 400 property crimes. In 2018, Naples had no murders reported per 100,000 residents, compared to 5 and 5.2 per 100,00 residents for the United States and Florida, respectively. There were 1,475 total crimes reported in Naples, compared to 2,667 for Florida and 2,580 for the overall United States. The overall trend in this report was that Naples had the lowest crime rates, the United States had higher incidents, and Florida had the greatest number of incidents. No rapes were reported in Naples in 2018, while Florida overall reported 39.6 per 100,000 residents and the United States as a whole reported 42.6 per 100,000 residents. Naples had only 40 violent crimes in 2018 compared to 385 in Florida overall and 381 in the United States, each per 100,000 residents. Nine robberies were reported in Naples (per 100,000 residents), versus 79.3 in Florida and 86.2 in the United States. Naples reported 31.4 assaults, while the United States reported 246.8 and Florida reported 260.8.  There were 1,434 property crimes reported in Naples per 100,000 residents, compared to 2,282 in Florida and 2,200 in the United States. The city had 1,241.7 thefts compared to 1750.8 for Florida and 1,594.6 nationally and 107.6 vehicle thefts, while Florida had 193.3 vehicle thefts and the United States had 228.9. In Naples, there were 85.2 burglaries, while Florida had 337.7 and the United States had 376.

One unexpected safety concern is alligators. Naples is close to Everglades National Park. They have been spotted swimming in the Gulf, on golf courses, and even been featured as entrees at popular restaurants.  Additionally, Florida has had higher instances of shark attacks than the rest of the United States combined, but Naples accounts for only one percent of this total.

Naples is a popular tourist destination, but sometimes nonresidents cause traffic accidents due to being less familiar with the area. Another interesting point is that the median value of owner-occupied homes is $707,000, which is much higher than the United States average. This may increase the risk of burglary, robbery, or other crimes, but also increases the presence of security protocols to protect this higher value property. Possibly unrelated, but still noteworthy, according to a Gallup Poll of residents in 190 U.S. cities, residents of the Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island area report the highest well-being, as measured by physical health, social ties, community participation, financial security, and sense of purpose.

If you are considering a move or visit to Naples, Florida, a look at the crime statistics should inform your decision. Rest assured that it is a safe area to live in or visit as long as you follow the precautions you normally would when in a new area.

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