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Keyless lock vs. Keyed lock

Keyless lock vs. Keyed lock 

The world has gotten to the point where people now choose between using a keyed lock or a keyless lock; technology has come that far. The purpose of keys in the home is to protect and create a sense of security. 

When it comes to deciding on a lock type, your decision should be made on security first before other reasons like budget and lifestyle. The keyed lock and the keyless lock are lock types that are both effective but in different regards; knowing the one that would suit your purpose would help you in making a decision.  

Keyed Locks

The keyed locks refer to your regular turn-key security system that requires a key to open or lock your door; it doesn’t need remotes, battery, or power to operate. These lock types are quite economical and made from high-grade security steel.

Advantages Of The Keyed Lock

  • It’s quite cheap and comes in a variety of options
  • It’s made with high-grade steel that considers security paramount 
  • It’s very mechanical and would not suffer the issues of a power outage
  • It’s effortless to install and you not necessarily need the help of a professional
  • It’s durable and can easily be fixed in the event it malfunctions 

Disadvantages Of A Keyed Lock

  • Because keyed lock comes with bunches of keys, it might be easy for you to misplace your key; some people also find it challenging walking around with a set of keys 
  • With the keyed lock, it’s difficult to control access into your home, especially when someone has your spare key or know where you hide your spare keys 
  • It might be challenging to deal with opening your door with a keyed lock when it’s late at night or when you have your hands full of groceries

Keyless Locks

The use of keyless lock started with cars, but presently keyless locks for homes are as effective as that of vehicles. Using keyless locks for homes is gradually gaining popularity because of its unique features and the convenience of technology.  The keyless lock regarded as the smart lock is an excellent option for homeowners who have embraced the use of technology. 

Advantages Of Keyless Locks

The first advantage of using a keyless lock is convenience; it makes securing the home stress-free by eliminating the use of keys. 

With the keyless lock, you have complete access over entry into your home; it provides you with the option of using pin codes for locking your home. The pin codes that are programmed makes it impossible for people you did not grant entry to gain access into your house. 

It’s easy to get into your home at night because of the lights of your keypad, and it’s also easy to get into your home when you have your hand filled with groceries. 

Disadvantages Of Keyless Locks

  • Compared to the keyed locks, the keyless lock is more expensive to purchase or replace 
  • If there is a power outage, getting into your home with your keyless lock might be a bit difficult unless your keyless lock has a backup option
  • It’s easy for you to forget your password or pin, and you could also fall victim to cyber hackers. 

Investing in security system for your home is a smart way of keeping your loved ones and your property safe.

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