How to choose the right lock for your door?
Choosing the right lock has a crucial part in your home security. In today’s market, there are many lock brands and types to choose from.
Deadbolt is the most common lock for homes or indoor rooms security, adding a extra deadbolt to your door on top of the door knob can improve your security by 400%. The bolt can’t be shimed or retract backward in order to unlock your door compared to a latch lock that can be shined. In the Naples area there are many cases of breaking into garages because they were only protected by a door knob. As this will always makes your house the easiest target, consider adding a deadbolt to your door today.
2 sided cylinder deadbolt
What is a 2 sided cylinder deadbolt? A lock that need a key to unlock from from the inside or outside.
Locksmith technicians will typically recommend installing it when there is a glass window near the door. If a burglar breaks the glass window, they still can’t unlock your door. Make sure you have one door that can be open easily in case of emergency.
High security deadbolt
The best deadbolt for home protection. A few of its features are: Key duplication can be done only with owner card, Lock built with anti pick and fails gates, Anti drill. Additionally ,when trying to drill this lock, its moving you to the sides to make it difficult.
Smart locks with phone control 
Smart locks can help you with monitoring your lock 24/7 from everywhere, remote unlock and lock, codes change, get notify when lock being lock or unlock.