How does a lock work?

A lock have a spring on top that push the top pin and bottom pin down into the keyway, between the top and bottom pin is a share line that allows the cylinder to turn, when inserting the key and the bottom pin are the right size that meet exactly at the share line that will allow the cylinder to turn.

What’s a lock rekey?

Lock rekey is when a locksmith take the pins out and change them to new pins size that will match a new


When should I rekey my locks?

If someone have a key to your home or business rekey is the best safe and affordable solution to prevent old key from working the lock.

Would the old key work?

Absolutely not. For security its like changing the locks and saves you money.

Benefits of rekeying:

when should you rekey a lock
when should you rekey a locks
  • Over time pins wear out rekey repair that.
  • Prevent old keys from unlocking your door
  • Saves you money 
  • Refreshing your locks
  • No need to change any hardware or painting your door
  • Harder to pick the lock

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