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Locked out of your own car?

What do to when you locked out of your car?

That is probably one of the most annoying things that could happen to us, and still it happens all the time. We leave the car in a hurry with our hands full, we put the key down just for a second to pick up the groceries, we just left to get gas! But, if you are lucky you’ll have locksmith near by because you do not want to wait outside of your car for too long. Our technician will be there ASAP. is not fun getting locked out was not part of the plan for the day, but it’s much better than trying to get in the car by yourself. In order to understand why we need to talk a little about unlocking cars.

There are few techniques and tools you can use. At Locksmith lion we use a long bar and an air wedge pillows since it is the safest way, letting us see inside and try and dig the key. The air wedge is the best tool for car lockout as it pushes the door open just enough to get the long bar inside your car. other techniques involve some sort of metal tool but it is less recommended. So back to our business. here are the main reasons why you shouldn’t try to unlock your own car without the necessary knowledge and experience:

  • if you are considering using a slim jim (or any other metal tool) by sliding it in the space between the car door and window you are risking damaging the door mechanics. Even experienced technicians don’t always succeed since this method provides you zero visibility.That is why this method  is not recommended or used often among Locksmiths.
  • Even with the air wedge, which is considered safe, there are a lot of risk for someone who lacks experience, even a technician. You could damage the car door by expanding the gap too much, you could easily crack the window applying too much pressure (in some car models it happens very often), you could scratch the inside part of the car door with the long bar and even brake the handle!
  • Last, but very important, you could hurt yourself by using improvised tools. Unlocking a car may seem like an easy task but that is if you know what you are doing.

 How to prevent damages to your car?

  • Try to keep another set of keys in reach.( Locksmith tip- It is a less complicated job to copy a car key and program it to the car  then cutting a brand new one tracing the car vin number, which makes it a lot cheaper for you as well). So if you only have one copy of your car key you might want to consider calling locksmith lion for a free over the phone estimate.
  • If you do decide to try unlocking a car yourself, use the right tools and not improvised ones like a metal rod or a clothing hanger. This will most likely never unlock your car and will only cause damage.
  • Call a Car Locksmith technician near your area, it is always better to have a professional unlock your car. Especially in cases where the key is lost and you are not sure who has possession of it. A locksmith technician will cut you a new key and program it to the car computer in a way that will erase the old one. But remember it is always good to stay close and make sure to let the technician know you are aware of the possible damages.  

If you are in or near-by SW FL, At Naples Locksmith Lion we would love to help you. Contact us today for car key or car lock out services today!


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  1. Elisabeth Southgate

    I found it helpful when you said that to prevent damaging your car it is best to have a professional unlock services for your car. I can see how someone who has the right tools and know how can open your locked car better than you can. My daughter just started driving. I will have to mention this to her.

  2. nicole frampton

    I left my car keys inside my car, which is so devastating because I had to commute today to get to work. I’ll make sure to always have a spare car key next time so this won’t have to happen again.

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