Is Naples FL Safe?

Are you considering moving to or visiting Naples, Florida? Read this article to learn more about its safety rating. Florida has slightly more violent crimes than other U.S. states, ranking…

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How to Spot and Avoid a Locksmith Scam

The vast majority of locksmiths are honest people who have customers’ best interests at heart. However, there are some who will try to take advantage of unsuspecting customers, or who…

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Deadbolt vs. Doorknob

When it comes to choosing the type of lock that is best for your home, select a lock that would keep your family and belongings safe. For you to make…

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Door Lock Buying Guide

Your door is an essential feature of your home as it helps to protect you from dangers and burglar attempt. Your door is the barrier that keeps your valuables within…

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Best Smart Locks 2019

Most people tend to steer clear of smart locks simply because they think that they are complex gadgets reserved for the tech-savvy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The…

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Keyless lock vs. Keyed lock

Keyless lock vs. Keyed lock  The world has gotten to the point where people now choose between using a keyed lock or a keyless lock; technology has come that far.…

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Safe Buying Guide
Safe Buying guide

Safe Buying Guide

Buying a safe can turn out to be a stressful and confusing ordeal, especially if it’s your first time, and you are not familiar with what to expect. If you…

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When To Rekey A Lock
when should you rekey a locks

When To Rekey A Lock

The security of your house must be on the top of your mind. Everyone has few people who they trust enough to give a spare key of their house. Most…

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How to pick a lock
how to pick a lock

How to pick a lock

Lock Basic Structure: In order to pick a lock one have to first understand the structure of a lock: A lock is a fastening device that is released by a…

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