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Safe Buying guide

Safe Buying Guide

Buying a safe can turn out to be a stressful and confusing ordeal, especially if it’s your first time, and you are not familiar with what to expect. If you are deciding to buy a safe, it’s because you want to protect essential valuables like documents, heirloom, guns, etc. 

What would help you determine the type of safe to buy depends on various reasons like; what purpose the safe would serve, how big the valuables are, the safe you want and the type of lock you want for the safe. To make this decision easy on you, the points below would assist you in making your decision. 

The Lock Types

There are various lock type for different safe, depending on the purpose the safe would serve. 

Double-Bit Security Lock

The double-bit lock is a safe type that has two keys; it means two people would have the key. Unlike the combination lock where you need to remember the combination or be careful about telling the wrong person the combination; double-bit security lock only needs dual keys to open the safe. 

Number Combination Lock

The number combination lock uses numbers to open a safe; the numbers are typically four to eight digit long and saves you the stress of having to keep keys; you can make changes to your code at any time if you feel you exposed your code to the wrong person. The number combination lock could either be mechanical or electronic. 

Biometric Fingerprint Lock

The biometric fingerprint lock uses your fingerprint to open your safe; it has a finger scanner where you place your registered finger. The biometric fingerprint lock is excellent for keeping guns; it doesn’t require a key or a code to open. 

The size

The size of your safe would depend on what you want to put inside the safe. The standard purpose of a safe is to keep valuables like documents, contracts, family record, certificates, car documentation, family heirloom, etc. – remember, you might end up putting more valuables than you intended – be sure to buy a safe with enough room space. 

Resistance Grade

The resistance grade of a safe is how much resistant the safe would be against an attempted burglar. Some safe comes with a burglar alarm system that notifies you of attempted theft. 

The Type Of Safe

Some safe in addition to anti-burglary protection come with fire protection. It implies that the safe would be resistant to fire as-well-as to theft. Having double protection for your safe increases your peace of mind over items placed within the safe. 

The Color Of The Safe

The safe comes in colors that are considered standard but, some safe could come in colors that will be preferable to some but not to others. If you see a safe you like in a color you do not fancy, you can ask if the safe is available in the color of your choice.

Buying a safe is essential in keeping valuables and relevant documents; make a wise choice.


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