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5 Ways to Secure Your Home from Burglary

Secure Your Home from BurglaryEven though the economy has been on a slight upswing, burglary rates haven’t really gotten better. Sadly, the Department of Justice has stated that a burglary takes place every 15 seconds in the United States. At that rate, those who cannot or do not protect themselves from being robbed are taking a big risk, especially because the typical homeowner stands to lose an average of $2,000 in property damage and stolen goods. Worse off still are renters without insurance or owners with high insurance deductibles who may not see the return on damages and stolen property that they’d hoped get more.


  1. Secure Your Sliding Glass Doors

If you are like most Southwest Florida residents, you probably have sliding doors in your home leading out the pool or backyard. While they are stylish and convenient, sliding glass doors are one of your home’s easiest access points. Even people who live above the 1st floor in apartment buildings run the risk of a break in through their balcony’s unsecured sliding glass doors. Also, if you know anything about sliding door locks, you know that, depending on their quality, they can be easy to break. That’s why it’s important to choose a trusted locksmith service that can provide you with high quality sliding glass door lock options.

  1. Invest in Window Security Products

Everyone loves a home with that allows for a lot of natural light, but windows are another access point for robbers. Windows are a particularly vulnerable portion of your home because they are often left unlocked, have faulty locks, or can easily be broken. The first step in ensuring secured windows is to have an experience locksmith check on the strength of your window locks. If they are loose or broken, have them fixed immediately. Lastly, consider installing a window security system that can be monitored day or night.

  1. Ditch the Key under the Mat

The convenience of hiding a key under a mat or potted plant outside the house is well known. If you are locked out, you don’t have to go through the hassle of figuring out how to get into your house. Likewise, if you are out of town and need someone to care for your animals, for instance, leaving a key seems like the easiest method lew9cwh. However, just like it is easy for your friend or relative to get in, it’s easy for a robber to get in as well. One solution is to leave a spare key with a neighbor or friend who can be reached when you usually come home or can keep your key for when you are out of town. Above all, don’t leave your door unlocked.

  1. Make Your Doors Kick-in Proof

Some burglars are relentless. When they want to get into your home, they will do whatever it takes, including kicking in your door. When it comes to the older homes in Southwest Florida, their door frames could have weakened wood, which makes it easier to kick in a door. Now, though, kick in protection is available through some locksmiths. One such method reinforces your door frames with metal to protect the wood from cracking or breaking. Alongside of a heavy-duty deadbolt, multi-lock system, or biometric lock, kick in protection can be one of the best structural investments you’ll ever make.

  1. Advanced Locksmith Security Solutions (Yes we can help with that 🙂

If you want to get serious about your home security, then you might consider installing a closed circuit security system, or CCTV. This allows you to monitor your home from mobile devices as well as TVs using closed circuit cameras placed throughout the inside and outside of your home. Likewise, if you have a large amount of property, you can also have a security gate installed at the entrance. This prevents anyone—even mail carriers—from having access to your property without permission. Another option is to have intercoms installed inside your home so you can be sure everyone is safe in every part of the house. Often, these are the devices that most adequately protect citizens from being a victim of robbery.

Don’t Be a Victim of Burglary

Statistically, your home has a rather high risk of being burglarized. Homes that go unprotected enhance that risk exponentially. In order to provide your property, home and loved ones the utmost safely, consider installing secure locks on your windows and sliding doors, invest in kick-in protection, and purchase CCTV. Likewise, get rid of the spare key hidden outside your home. Before your home and family become a statistic, seek out safety solutions from an expert. For further explanation of these and other trusted locksmith services, call Naples Locksmith Lion at (239) 849-4979.

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