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In the modern age everything around you is smart. You have smart phones, smart watches even smart homes. Yes! A smart home. A smart home contains thermostats, electrical appliances and security systems which you can operate without having to be present in the house. A smart security system contains door locks which can be managed through remote controls. They can be very convenient to handle especially when you do not want to deal with the hassle of carrying your keys everywhere with you. Further it can be very convenient to let your guests in your house when you are about to reach your house or to let your pet sitter or cleaning lady enter for their services. In short a remote control door lock system comes in very handy when you have to be away from your home on a regular basis and you are concerned about the safety of your house.

There are many options in the market for remote control door locks for you to choose from. But before you decide on which door lock to buy for your house you should have some information about which are the best options of door locks for you according to your requirement, convenience and budget.
There are two types of remote control door locks. First are the Bluetooth locks that can be operated from anywhere around the world through smart phone apps and the second are key cards or fobs which can be operated from only a few yards away. We have listed for you top 5 best remote control locks for your information:


Kwikset Kevo remote control locks give you both options of Bluetooth and fob. They can be operated from any smart phone through its app. They are easy to install and has advanced safety level. One salient feature of this lock is that you can share the E-keys with your loved ones for their convenience. One drawback of this lock is that they have short battery life and long wait times of the command which can be ignored keeping in mind that all lock that run on Bluetooth have the same problem in general.

August smart locks are very fast and easy to install. Like the Kwikset Kevo locks virtual keys can be shared with the loved ones through in this lock system. August smart locks when installed start running quickly and efficiently. Further they are compatible with the existing doors and hardware so you don’t have to change anything in your house for ensuring security. The battery life of these locks is very short and Bluetooth service is also very troublesome which serve as a drawback for the quality of these locks.


Schlage connect touchscreen deadbolt is slightly different than the other remote control door locks in this list. It provides a keypad with 30 different kinds of codes simultaneously for your loved ones. It does not have a fob key rather you can integrate into an existing home automation system. It has a durable construction and attractive appearance plus you can choose from different finishes according to the color scheme of your house. There are some draw backs to this lock system are connectivity issues, sticky keypad buttons and breakdown but these issues can be overcome by the spectacular customer support system provided by the company.


LockState electronic deadbolt blends the qualities of Schlage and Haifuan lock systems. It operates through a keypad lock and remote control and does not have Bluetooth connectivity. It is very high in quality and durability. It provides one remote control and only six unique codes. It is considered to be the best priced lock system in the market.

Let us know which of these best remote control locks you liked best.

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