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When to call a Locksmith?

When to call a Locksmith Naples FL?

First, let’s start by defining Locksmiths as professionals who have been trained to work with keys and locks. A locksmith can replace your locks, duplicate keys, pick a lock without damaging a lock and assist you in lockout situations for commercial, residential and vehicle locks. 

Here are some reasons why you may need to call a professional locksmith.

  • Emergency situations such as car or home lockouts. A professional Locksmith will be able to assist you in getting back in your home or vehicle in a short time, and without damage to the property. 
  • Lost or Stolen Keys are right at the top of the list to call a Locksmith. Losing the keys to your car, home or business can potentially be a security risk due to the fact someone may find then and gain access to your property. A professional Locksmith will either replace or rekey your locks, or create a duplicate FOB for your vehicle, promptly and no damage to your property.
  • Moving into a new Home. When purchasing a newly built home or even moving into an existing home as a Tenant, security must be your top priority.  As a new buyer or tenant, you have no idea how many people have keys to your home and there is a high change a builder or Realtor may have a master key. This is the perfect time to either replace or rekey your locks to have control of how many duplicate keys and who you give them to. It’s always a good idea to have a spare key hidden outside the home, with a neighbor or friend to prevent a lockout. Please note that many Landlords and/or HOAs require you provide a copy of your keys, in which case, your Locksmith can cut as many additional keys as you require.
  • Broken keys are also a common reason to seek the services of a professional Locksmith. Keys are prone to break due to metal fatigue and regular use. If they break inside the lock, they can be difficult to remove, and a skilled Locksmith can easily remove the key and rekey the lock if necessary. 
  • Lock repairs are another reason a Locksmith service may be required. Sometimes locks fail due to wear and tear or due to someone causing damage to it trying to get access to your property. If this happens, Locksmiths may be able to avoid replacement by repairing the damaged lock. 
  • Master keying your locks, as some homes or businesses have different locks with different keys, which can be quite frustrating. A skilled Locksmith can grant you single-access keys in your home or business. 
  • Upgrading your home security by installing Smart Locks. This is an ever-growing trend, where homes are equipped with smart technology or property owners/tenants decide to install electronic entry mechanisms vs traditional keyed locks. These electronic locks grant you access using apps on your smart phones avoiding keys altogether. With keyless entry your home is more secure as they are almost impossible to bypass.  A professional Locksmith can install and program your electronic locks quickly and efficiently
  • Forgotten combinations are another common reason why consumers call Locksmith professionals. As humans, we are prone to forgetfulness, and with today’s electronic locks that lack physical keys, and even though these locks are more secure and convenient, forgetting a password or number combination can be an issue. A professional Locksmith can reset and reprogram your keypad or electronic lock and grant you access quickly and without damage to the lock. 
  • Safes and Security Box access. Sometimes we, as humans, forget the codes to our safe, or lose the key to our Security Boxes. Locksmiths can reset the codes for your safe or duplicate your security box keys, granting you access to your valuables in no time.

Choosing the right Locksmith company:

Whether it’s an emergency lockout call, a service call for duplicate keys, lock repairs or replacement, upgrading to Smart Technology, or any other service that require a Locksmith, it is important to ensure the company you call is the right one, here are some tips to guide you:

  • References are your best friend. Ask your friends and family if they have a relationship with a Locksmith company. A satisfied customer is your best recommendation.
  • Hire local. When doing a Google search you may find many options, however, try to select a local company that can get to you quickly and will be there to service your locks if anything wasn’t working properly by guaranteeing their work. 
  • Choose a Certified Locksmith company. As you wouldn’t hire an amateur to perform other maintenance repairs in your home, the same standards should apply when selecting a Locksmith. Look for companies with the correct certifications and licenses as these individuals have demonstrated a level of proficiency, expertise, and professionalism. 
  • Verify the Locksmith company is licensed and insured. Although it’s unlikely, there are instances where damage can occur to your home or vehicle when using a locksmith to replace or repair a lock, it’s important that you check whether they have adequate insurance to cover such scenarios. The Locksmith should also offer some sort of guarantee for their services. 
  • Online Reviews are great sources of information when determining a company’s reputation and history. If someone has a high number of positive reviews on different sites, this likely means their services are great, however, a high number of negative reviews, even if the price is right, may be an indication to avoid this company. 

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