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when should you rekey a locks

When To Rekey A Lock

The security of your house must be on the top of your mind. Everyone has few people who they trust enough to give a spare key of their house. Most people give spare keys to their friends, family members, and neighbors for emergency situations.
Unfortunately, there is a chance that

when should you rekey a lock

someone has made a copy of your keys, without your knowledge. The best way to make sure your house is safe is by rekeying your locks. Changing the lock is a great option if your lock is not in a good condition. In case the lock is a great state, you should consider rekeying. It is a great way to ensure that your old keys don’t work, decreasing the security threat.
The locksmith will adjust the inner workings of the lock and replace the key cut. If you are confused when you should rekey your locks, you are the right place. This article is a guide to rekeying; we have talked about situations when rekeying your locks is the best choice.
Read on to know more about rekeying.

Moving in to a New House

One of the top situations, when you should definitely rekey your locks, is when you move into a new house. It is crucial to rekey your locks as you don’t how many people might have the key to your lock. Whether you are the 2nd owner or 5th owner, you can’t even imagine how many people might have a spare key to the lock. So, to ensure your belongings and family are safe, you need to rekey your locks.

Lose Your Keys

Another most common situation in which you should rekey your lock is when you lose your keys. You don’t know the person who found your keys, this is will put the safety of your family at risk. Moreover, if your keys are stolen, you must rekey the locks. This will compromise the security of your house and family. You don’t want to leave your family is such a compromising situation.

Changing Roommates

One of the first things that you must do when your roommate moves out is to rekey the locks. There is a possibility that your roommate didn’t return the key back or might even give spare keys to friends or family. So, rekeying is an excellent way to stay safe.

Fired Domestic Help

Most of the people are busy in their lives that they don’t have the time or audacity to do household chores. For this reason, they hire domestic help, such as maids or nannies. When you fire them, you should ask them to return your keys. If your maid or babysitter forgot to give back the keys, you must rekey the locks of your house.There you go; these are the most common situations when you should rekey your locks. The top reason for this is the convenience and security of your house. It is a cost-efficient way to change the locks without replacing the locks. You want to keep your house safe from intruders and strangers.

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